Reposted from Facepunch

-Ever wonder what the H stands for in Jesus H. Christ? That’s right. Jesus Hitler Christ.

-In the Bible, Jesus clearly states “Ye who is not racist towards the Hebrew people shall go down”.

-Jesus and Hitler have never been spotted in the same place.

-Both Jesus and Hitler were carpenters early in their career.

-Both Jesus and Hitler were masters of propaganda.

-Both Jesus and Hitler enjoy pineapple on their pizza.

-Both Jesus and Hitler sported the same douchey moustache.

-Both Jesus and Hitler were picked on in high school and allegedly got no play.

-Mein Kampf is the sequel to the Bible.

-Both Jesus and Hitler are hypocritical closet homosexuals. Both expressed extreme hatred towards gays, yet have both been caught on tape giving Batman a blowjob.

-Both Jesus and Hitler are fans of the Canadian “sport” curling.

These facts have never been challanged. People just see the evidence and ignore it because Jesus, aka Hitler, is such a master of propeganda.

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